Elite Care

Now patients can monitor their daily health checkup at anywhere, anytime with Elite Care. Our application will giving patients the confidence that comes with continuous care.

There has been an explosion of mHealth activities around the world and Elite Care is a solution, to meet the demand for next-generation, advanced, remote patient health care monitoring (RPM). Elite Care is offering a new remote monitoring system-based operations for collecting and reporting physiological, behavior and environmental health care parameters. By focusing on a patient-at-home methodology and interactive Web-based information platform for health care professionals allows for reduced cost and provides prediction-and-prevention in addition to the traditional see-and-treat approach used mostly in health care today.

How It Works?

Benefits for Physicians

  • Ease of access to patient data
  • Ability to deliver higher-quality care to more patients with a lower risk of burnout
  • Lower costs and higher efficiency

Benefits for Patients

  • Better access to quality healthcare
  • Daily assurance
  • Improved support and feedback
  • Patient education

Elite Care & Beyond

Elite Care has revealed how custom-built RPM can improve the delivery of care while trimming expenses. While this study focused on two diseases, the benefits of RPM can be applied toavarietyofchronicconditions. Thisstudyisjust thetipof theicebergthat,under the surface, reveals serious cost savings from all players on the health zone and better-managed, more satisfiedpatients.

We’re only starting to uncover all of the possibilities, and Elite Care is thrilled to be part of this exciting evolution in the homecare industry. With a modernized, consumer-focused platform, we believe we can dramatically improve operations for aged care providers and their patients.


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