We help organization enhance their users by immersing them into digital world with video content or animated graphics. Virtual reality adds value to your brand, makes it easier for the users to understand the most complex training sessions into easy understandable interactive videos.

Customers are evolving on a large scale and so should your brand, providing unique experience of your product to your customers can influence their decision to buy.

Virtual reality is a great tool to market your product and had been making big impact in marketing in the recent years. NCS consulting works closely with the marketing team of organizations and create virtual experience which helps the consumers learn more about the brand, product, educate and convert them to a customer

Human mind remembers information when we are in the present, we might forget the past but not the present. Virtual reality creates the feeling of presence, Presence is the feeling where the user is really in the virtual world. Our minds live in the environment and capture every tiny detail of our surrounding. Virtual education helps students take a journey through the history, or Learn in depth about the human body, travel to Mars or even reach the deepest part of the ocean through virtual headsets.

Services under VR

VR App Development

Virtual reality apps have seen rapid growth in popularity, augmented by the use of the smartphone as part of new VR headsets. Our developers can comfortably create virtual environments for mobile or dedicated hardware.

Reduced Production Costs

NCS experts use VR technology to minimize production cost by creating virtual prototypes of products in real time. This method prevents spending too much cost and saves time on testing as well. physical product modeling with our augmented and virtual reality solutions.

Streamlined Work Processes

Our VR professionals help businesses automate their workflow across various production channels while gaining better visibility and control. Boost your business productivity with our smart custom-tailored VR/AR solutions.

Computer Vision

Algorithm is used very similar to how a human eye is operates using machine learning. Computer vision tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information

VR Design

NCS VR solution offers an intuitive design experience allowing you to quickly create unique geometries and designs in an immersive setting. Create 3D models, scenes, and art work with a powerful toolset. Our VR designers are contributing to the future of VR and provide world-class design support for any virtual reality project.


Unity is used primarily for game development but it can also able to make power VR apps. Hashtag Devs uses this engine to provide better services for your application.

Enhanced Collaboration

We help businesses reinvent their collaboration strategies and maximize efficiency through immersive remote supervision. Manage your cross-channel production and expose your personnel to simulated hazardous situations with the help of our VR team.

Industries under VR

Services under VR

The aim is to move beyond standard forms of interaction such as the keyboard and mouse which most people work with on a daily basis. This is seen as an unnatural way of working which forces people to adapt to the demands of the technology rather than the other way around.

But a virtual environment does the opposite. It allows someone to fully immerse themselves in a highly visual world which they explore by means of their senses. This natural form of interaction within this world often results in new forms of communication and understanding.

Virtual reality is gradually entering our life. It is becoming more popular every day. Now most people use it for entertainment purposes and in industries as well, but soon virtual reality will cover all spheres


Surgeons use VR to simulate operations and practice treating trauma victims. Paramedics rehearse dealing with dangerous situations. Burn patients rely on VR as a distraction from painful treatments. And Vivid Vision uses VR to treat amblyopia and other vision disorders.

Psychotherapy | Confronting Fears

VR is a new tool in exposure therapy, in which patients face a traumatic experience to defuse it. “Bravemind” lets soldiers with PTSD visit virtual war zones. Patients with a fear of heights board a virtual elevator. Terrified of public speaking? Address a virtual audience.Virtual reality helps people cope with phobias. For example, the Spiderworld application from HITlab is designed to treat arachnophobia.

Travel | Bucket List

Have you ever wanted to stand on the deck of a sunken ship while a gargantuan whale swims by you, looking you straight in the eye?


You want to climb the highest mountain in the world THE EVEREST VR. Now you can climb the mountain with an interactive Mount Everest VR tourism experience.

Google Earth VR

Google had already taken the VR world by storm with their amazing VR painting tool known as Tiltbrush. Tiltbrush is the MS Paint of VR, but much more mesmerizing and a whole lot more fun.There are hours of fun to be had flying all over the globe like you’re Superman. The detail levels depend on where you’re trying to view. Tourist destinations are likely to have much more highly-detailed geo-spatial imagery than rural areas. There is a ton to see and Google offers some virtual tours to help you get started.



Wrench is a game about working on race cars. Players run a shop and responsible for their customers car’s- From fluid changes to replacing engine main bearings. Wrench is being developed as both a VR game and a traditional screen based game and allows players to switch between play modes fluidly.Wrench also features a growing library of aftermarket parts that the player can use to address customer needs or install on their own persistent shop cars. This VR application is very useful for people who work in automotive industry or to train interns.

How Does It Work?

Talk To One Of Our Domain Experts

Talk to our experts before starting your VR journey so we can guide and help you draft the right roadmap for the project.


Everything starts with an Idea, before you want to create an app you need a killer idea first.

Prototype Mockup

Our designers create a rough mockup of your idea and put it on a drawing board and create a sample workflow of the application


This is the active phase were the application is actually build and developed. At this stage 70% of the project is completed

Estimating & Planning

We assign a team headed by the project manager with a clear deadline for the project


Application in half build during the documentation, detailed documentation about the functionality and technical information about the project is created during this stage

Beta Version

The Idea has become an now application now and is released as a test version for changes to be accommodated at this stage

Bug Fixing & Testing

Bugs with the application and further enhancements are added and application is tested for quality and reliability

Final Release

Completion of the application and it has become a complete product at this stage and ready to explore.